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System controller DeltaSol® E

Menu languages:
  • 7 basic systems to choose from
  • 10 sensor inputs
  • 7 relay outputs
  • Pump speed control, solar operating hours counter
    and heat quantity measurement
  • Internal calorimeter
  • 4 heating circuits can be activated
  • Function control
  • RESOL VBus®
  • User-friendly operation
  • Energy-efficient switching-mode power supply
For multi-store solar systems!
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System controller DeltaSol® E
System controller for solar and heating systems
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Solar controller DeltaSol® E - Full kit
System controller for solar and heating systems
incl. 6 sensors Pt1000 (2 x FKP6, 4 x FRP6)

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A multitude of adjustable functions and options are possible using 7 relay outputs and 10 sensor inputs for Pt1000, CS10 and V40. Due to its intelligent and easy-to-understand system configuration and its integrated calorimeter, the controller also offers the control of complex systems with up to 4 weather-compensated heating circuits. For data communication and remote maintenance, the controller is equipped with the RESOL VBus®, which permits two-way communication between modules, PCs or dataloggers.

Max. number of collector fields:
Max. number of stores:
Weather-compensated heating circuits:
1 (43)
External heat exchanger:
Speed control of standard pumps:
Speed control of HE pumps:
■ via integrated PWM output:
■ via PSW adapter:

Temperature sensor inputs:
Sensor type:
Inputs for Grundfos Direct Sensors™:
Input for CS10 irradiation sensor:
Impulse inputs for V40 flowmeter:
Relay outputs in total:
■ semiconductor relays (speed control):
6 (3)
■ electromechanical relay:
■ potential-free relay with changeover contact:
■ potential-free relay with normally open contact:
■ potential-free high-current relay:
PWM outputs:
■ convertible to 0-10 V:
Real-time clock:
Data interface:
Energy-efficient SMPS:
Power supply:
100 ... 240 V~

Heat quantity measurement
■ with flowmeter:
■ with V40 flowmeter:
■ with Grundfos Direct Sensors™:

Software functions
Antifreeze function for solar circuit:
Collector minimum limitation:
Collector emergency shutdown:
Store maximum limitation:
Store set temperature:
Store emergency shutdown:
Drainback option:
Tube collector function:
■ with adjustable time frame, interval:
Additional ΔT control:
Thermostat function:
Target temperature:
Heat dump function:
Heat exchange:
Store loading in layers:
Priority loading:
■ Parallel loading:
■ Store sequence control:
■ Progressive loading:
■ Successive loading:
■ Spreaded loading:
Solar circuit bypass:
Irradiation-dependent bypass:
Irradiation switch:
Afterheating suppression:
Parallel relay:
Twin pump for solar circuit:
Cooling functions and cooling mode:
Flow rate monitoring:
Pressure monitoring:
Function control:
Error relay:
DHW hygiene functions:
■ DVGW legionella protection:
■ Thermal disinfection:
DHW heating:
Heating circuit return preheating:
Boiler loading/Zone loading:
Solid fuel boiler:
Mixer control weather-compensated:
Mixer control with target temperature:
Function block:
Heating circuit antifreeze function:
Chimney sweeper function for the heating circuit:
Room thermostats:
Inputs: 10 sensor inputs for Pt1000, 1 CS10, 1 V40
Outputs: 6 semiconductor relays, 3 of them for pump speed control and 1 potential free relay and 3 PWM outputs (convertible to 0-10 V signal outputs)
PWM frequency: 512 Hz
PWM voltage: 10.5 V
Switching capacity:
1 (1) A 240 V~ (semiconductor relay)
2 (1) A 24V=/240V~ (potential-free relay)
Total switching capacity: 4 A 240 V~
Power supply: 100 ... 240 V~ (50 ... 60 Hz)
Supply connection: type Y attachment
Standby: 0.98 W
Temperature controls class: III
Energy efficiency contribution: 1,5 %
Mode of operation: type 1.B.C.Y action
Rated impulse voltage: 2.5 kV
Data interface: RESOL VBus®
VBus® current supply: 35 mA
Functions: solar system controller for use in solar and heating systems. 7 pre-programmed solar and heating systems, internal calorimeter and control of 3 weather-compensated heating circuits by modules. Adjustable system parameters and options (menudriven), balance and diagnostics functions, function control.
Housing: plastic, PC-ABS and PMMA
Mounting: wall mounting, mounting into patch panels is possible
Indication/Display: 4-line LC-text display, illuminated, menu-driven (multilingual)
Operation: 3 push buttons at the front of the housing
Ingress protection: IP 20 / IEC 60529
Protection class: II
Ambient temperature: 0 ... 40 °C
Pollution degree: 2
Dimensions: 227 x 156 x 62 mm
  3 via HKM3 Heating circuit extension module(s) in total

SP10 Overvoltage protection
Sensor-overvoltage protection
Article-no: 180 110 70 | A         17,50€  Add to wish list
AM1 Alarm module
Alarm module for signalling system failures
Article-no: 180 008 70 | B         67,00€  Add to wish list
HKM3 Heating circuit extension module
Heating circuit module for a weather-compensated heating circuit
Article-no: 145 440 60 | A         227,00€  Add to wish list
The Internet portal for easy and secure access to your system data
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DeltaSol® E (4311 kB)

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The cTuVUS certification confirms that the controller meets the demands of the UL 60730-1A and CSA E60730.1 standards.
The cLCus certification confirms that the controller meets the demands of the UL 60730-2-9 and CSA - E60730-2-9-01 standards.
The cLCus certification confirms that the controller meets the demands of the UL 60730-1A and CSA E60730.1 standards.