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DL3 Datalogger

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  • Temperature measurements and logging via integrated sensor inputs possible
  • Current loop interface 0(4)-20 mA
  • BACnet functionality for BACnet conform sending and receiving of data
  • Internet access via – without any tedious router configuration
  • Readout of controller data via integrated Web interface
  • Data logging onto SD card
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DL3 Datalogger
Datalogger incl. RESOL ServiceCenter software full version ready to plug in with power supply adapter, VBus® and SD card
Article-no: 180 009 90 | Price bracket A

The number of VBus® accessories that can be connected to one controller depends on the sum of their current consumption and on the current supply of the controller VBus®.
Device Maximum current consumption
VBus®/PWM interface adapter 6,5 mA
VBus®/USB interface adapter 6,5 mA
VBus®/LAN interface adapter 6,5 mA
Datalogger DL2 1,5 mA
Datalogger DL3 VBus® 1-5: 10 mA
VBus® 6: 0.5 mA
Kommunikationsmodul 1,5 mA
Smart Display SDFK 25 mA
Smart Display SD3 17,5 mA
GA3 Large Display 1 mA
AM1 alarm module 16,5 mA
HKM3 1 mA
STA-W 12 mA
WMZ 35 mA
WMZ G1 35 mA

The VBus®-Repeater amplifies the VBus® signal of a controller and supplies a current of 200 mA in total to modules connected.

Be it solar thermal, heating or DHW heat exchange controllers – with the RESOL DL3 you can easily and conveniently log system data of up to 6 controllers. Get a comprehensive overview of all controllers connected with the large full graphic display. Transfer data with an SD memory card or a USB memory stick, or use the LAN interface to view and process data on your PC.

Inputs: for 3 Pt1000 temperature sensors, 1 current loop interface 0(4)-20 mA
Power supply:
input voltage of power supply adapter: 100 ... 240 V~
rated current: 1 A
input voltage of Datalogger: 12 V (DC)
Data interface: 6 x VBus® (slave), 1 x SD memory card slot, 1 x LAN (10 / 100), 1 x USB master
Housing: plastic, PC-ABS and PMMA
Installation: wall mounting, mounting into patch panels possible
Indication/Display: full graphic display for status visualization and operating control lamp
Operation: 3 push buttons
Ingress protection: IP 20 / EN 60529
Protection class: III
Ambient temperature: 0 ... 40 °C / 32 ... 104 °F
Dimensions: 144 × 208 × 43 mm / 5.66" × 8.18" × 1.69"
Memory: 160 MB internal memory, with a logging interval of 5 min. sufficient for:
• 18 months for a system with one DeltaSol® MX, 3 EM, 3 heating circuits and 1 HQM
• 24 months for a system with one DeltaSol® MX, 1 EM and 1 heating circuit
• 30 months for a system with one DeltaSol® MX

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Datalogger DL3 (3084 kB)

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The controller can be branded with your own logo. Please contact our sales team.
Customized and OEM versions are available on request. Please contact our sales team.
The cTUVus certification confirms that the controller is certified to UL 60730-1A and CSA E60730.1.
The cLCus certification confirms that the controller meets the demands of the UL 60730-2-9 and CSA - E60730-2-9-01 standards.
The cLCus certification confirms that the controller meets the demands of the UL 60730-1A and CSA E60730.1 standards.