Solar & system controllers

Solar & system controllers Solar thermal systems are operated and controlled by solar controllers. RESOL differential temperature controllers are used in solar, heating and air-conditioning systems to initiate switching processes depending on thermal, hydraulic and environmental conditions. Apart from these basic functions, RESOL controllers offer a variety of options and functions for the optimum use of individual solar and heating systems.


ROSA, the RESOL Online System Assistant, helps you choose the right RESOL controller for your solar thermal and heating system.

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DHW exchange controllers

DHW exchange controllers RESOL offers a range of solutions for the control of DHW exchange modules. Among the features available, there is the customised control of systems with or without a circulation circuit, different concepts for thermal disinfection, bypass operation, solutions for a reliable DHW supply even in the case of a sensor failure as well as innovative possibilities for draw-off detection and flow rate measurement. The RESOL DHW exchange controllers are available in a number of versions for different system sizes, additional features available are the control of high-efficiency pumps, integrated data logging and the remote access over a network or the Internet with the RESOL VBus®.

Heating controllers

Heating controllers Conventional heating takes many different forms today – next to the well-known oil and gas furnaces, more and more solid fuel boilers of different kinds can be found, often combined with other heat sources. RESOL heating controllers offer solutions for different kinds of space and water heating systems, from small water heating stoves up to large multivalent systems.


ROSA, the RESOL Online System Assistant, helps you choose the right RESOL controller for your solar thermal and heating system.

RESOL Comparison

Pump stations & accessories

Pump stations & accessories Pump stations offer solutions for the efficient use of a system through harmonised components. They contain all units necessary for the operation of a solar system. Installation and initial operation of the stations are easy, because the components are already pre-assembled and ready to plug in.

Datalogger & VBus®-accessories

Datalogger & VBus<sup>®</sup>-accessories Data communication between different components takes place via the RESOL VBus®. The controllers are therefore able to communicate with additional modules, allowing the system to be analysed and adapted to the individual consumer and system.

Tools & HE accessories

Tools & HE accessories RESOL tools and HE accessories are indispensable tools for craftsmen, service technicians and lab workers alike – they facilitate the maintenance of solar thermal and heating systems and help increasing efficiency as well as reliability and yield stability.

Thermostats, measuring instruments & calorimeters

Thermostats, measuring instruments & calorimeters Thermostats, measuring instruments and calorimeters are important devices for the installer as well as for the end user. A thermostat is an electronic controller which compares the temperature detected by the sensor to the preset value and controls it using actuators, such as pumps and valves, to achieve that value. The purpose of variable controllers for circulation systems is to make warm water available without delay. Furthermore, the RESOL product range includes components such as measuring instruments and calorimeters which can be used separately.


Sensors Sensors are used to detect certain quantities such as temperature and irradiation. Platinum sensors, which change their electrical resistance proportionally to the temperature, are used for temperature measurements. The sensor type is indicated by the third letter “P”, for example: FKP or FRP. FK designates the sensor of the heat source (e.g. collector sensor) and FR the reference sensor (e.g. storage sensor). These sensor types have the same electrical features. They differ only in the connecting cable.


Valves Valves are used to control fluid flow. In hydraulic systems, different valves are used in order to run parts of the system separately or to switch on or off particular parts as required. 2-port valves allow or stop flow rates. Changeover valves are used to distribute and redirect flow rates. In order to avoid noise pollution and system damage, there is no back stroke.

Spare parts & accessories

Spare parts & accessories Accessories such as remote controls, auxiliary relays or additional modules are used to add further functions to the solar or heating system. By means of a heating circuit module, an additional heating circuit can be controlled, other accessories enable the connection of further loads or the remote adjustment of the system. Spare parts for our appliances ensure a quick and professional maintenance and repair.