VBus.Net - Visualize your system data

The safe and easy way to yield monitoring your RESOL controller with the visualization portal. Visualize temperature progress, create customized live systems and diagrams free of charge. Use additional functions such as automatic reports on system status via e-mail in the PRO version (with costs).


  • RESOL controller
  • RESOL Communication module or Datalogger
  • Internet connection
  • accout

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RPT Parameterisation Tool

Software for remote parameterisation of RESOL controllers.


  • RESOL controller:
    DeltaSol® ALE HE V2.00
    DeltaSol® BS Plus ≤ V1.02
    DeltaSol® BS 2 ≤ W002100
    DeltaSol® BS 4 ≤ W004100
    DeltaSol® BS Plus ≤ W005100
    DeltaSol® BX ≤ V2.01
    DeltaSol® BX V3.02
    DeltaSol® BX Plus V1.06
    DeltaSol® BX Plus V1.10
    DeltaSol® CS Plus ≤ V1.10
    DeltaSol® CS2 V1.11
    DeltaSol® CS4 V1.11
    Deltasol® MX V1.12
    DeltaSol® MX V2.02
    DeltaSol® SL ≤ V1.04
    DeltaSol® SLL > V1.01 ≤ V1.06
    DeltaSol® SLT V1.03
    DeltaTherm® HC ≤ V1.10
    DeltaTherm® HC mini = V1.0
  • RESOL VBus®/LAN or VBus®/USB interface adapter, Communication module or Datalogger
  • Internet connection or common network
  • Windows 7, in compatibility mode Windows 8.1/10, Java 32 bit version 1.6 or higher

RPT-Software Version 1.9 | Installation manual (PDF) | Short manual – How to change controller settings (PDF) | License note