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VBus<sup>®</sup>TouchVBus<sup>®</sup>TouchVBus<sup>®</sup>TouchFor all iPhone and iPod touch users, a new way to visualise the data of a solar thermal system has become available:
The brand-new VBus®Touch software is now available free of charge in Apple’s download portal App Store.

VBus®Touch. It is a software especially designed for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch. It displays both live data and a progression chart of the solar system at any place in the world, provided that the system is run by a RESOL controller equipped with a VBus® interface and a datalogger connected to the Internet via LAN. If the iPhone or the iPod touch are in a portrait orientation, a hydraulic scheme and live data of the system are displayed. As soon as the device is turned into landscape orientation, the integrated accelerometer switches to the display of a progression chart. By running a finger along the progression chart, a time axis appears that displays the different data from any point in the progression period. In portrait orientation, the background colour of the hydraulic scheme is automatically adjusted to the current store temperature.

From the Apple App Store, the software can be installed on the individual device without any expertise required. Already included is the access to two RESOL test systems, so that the application can be viewed and tried with real data without any delay.Take a look at the animated demo of the VBus®Touch software.

VBus® is a trademark of RESOL GmbH
App Store, iPod touch and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc.

Available on the App Store