Visualisation and remote access

RPT Parameterisation Tool

RPT Parameterisation Tool

The RPT Parameterisation Tool is a software that enables the remote parameterisation. The computer in use must be connected to the controller via an interface adapter or datalogger in a common network. Here you can download the software and the corresponding manual free of charge.

Configure your controllers from your PC
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  • DeltaSol® ALE HE V2.00
  • DeltaSol® BS Plus ≤ V1.02
  • DeltaSol® BS 2 ≤ W002100
  • DeltaSol® BS 4 ≤ W004100
  • DeltaSol® BS Plus ≤ W005100
  • DeltaSol® BX ≤ V2.01
  • DeltaSol® BX V3.02
  • DeltaSol® BX Plus V1.06
  • DeltaSol® BX Plus V2.05
  • DeltaSol® CS Plus ≤ V1.10
  • DeltaSol® CS2 V1.11
  • DeltaSol® CS4 V1.11
  • Deltasol® MX V1.12
  • DeltaSol® MX V2.02
  • DeltaSol® SL ≤ V1.04
  • DeltaSol® SLL > V1.01 ≤ V1.06
  • DeltaSol® SLT V1.03
  • DeltaTherm® HC ≤ V1.10
  • DeltaTherm® HC mini = V1.1



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