Visualisation and remote access is all about the data of your RESOL controller. Live data of your system, customized filter settings and much more await you. is available in 2 different versions: Basic and PRO. Easily usable with a DL2 (beginning with firmware version 2.0.0), DL2 Plus, DL3 Datalogger or KM2 communication module.
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The Internet portal for easy and secure access to your system data
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  • Visualisation also for many mobile devices
  • System access via the Web browser
  • Data progress charts as live data displays or diagrams
  • Optional publication of system data with only one click
  • Personalised filters for customised data displays, downloads and reports
  • VBus® Data Viewer – a plug-in for making diagrams out of externally stored data sets (also possible without a Datalogger/Communication module)
  • Save, distribute and restore your visualisation settings
  • Display your daily yield as a bar diagram




  Product portfolio (PDF)