PV heating

FlowSol<sup>®</sup> E electrothermal station (heating water)

FlowSol® E electrothermal station

The RESOL FlowSol® E has been especially designed for using excess power produced by PV systems. The measuring device reliably detects excess current and the integrated controller redirects it to a steplessly variable electric heater for heating a water store. Thus, excess power can be stored as regenerative heat, internal consumption can be increased while decreasing conventional heating costs.

incl. DeltaTherm® E, power unit and sensor module
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  • Integrated DeltaTherm® E controller and high-efficiency pump
  • Integrated electric heater of up to 3 kW, steplessly variable and grid compliant
  • Retrofittable in all heating and DHW systems
  • Reliable household power priority
Circulation pump:
Wilo PARA 15/7.0-PWM2
(power consumption of the pump: 3 … 45 W)
Safety valve: 3 bar
Power supply: 220 … 240 V~ (50 … 60 Hz)
Cable cross section required: 2,5 mm²
Heater: 0,8 kW / 0,8 kW / 1,4 kW
Maximum temperature flow/return: 95 °C
Maximum pressure: 3 bar
Fluid: heating water
Dimensions: approx. 605 x 400 x 240 mm (with insulation)
distance centre / wall: 76 mm
Weight: 14 kg
fittings: brass
seals: EPDM
insulation: EPP foam
Connections: Rp ¾“ IG
Nominal power: 0 … 3 kW (13 A)

Inputs: 4 Pt1000 temperature sensors
Outputs: 2 semiconductor relays, 1 PWM output
PWM frequency: 512 Hz
PWM voltage: 10,8 V
Switching capacity: 1 (1) A 240 V~ (semiconductor relay)
Total switching capacity: 2 A 240 V~
Power supply: 100 – 240 V~ (50 – 60 Hz)
Supply connection: type Y attachment
Standby: < 1 W
Mode of operation: type 1.B.C.Y action
Rated impulse voltage: 2,5 kV
Data interface: VBus®, MicroSD card slot
VBus® current supply: 60 mA
Functions: Controlling a hydraulic group and electric heater for using excess PV current for heating a store
Mounting: in Station intergiert
Indication/Display: full graphic display, operating control LED (Lightwheel®) and background illumination
Operation: 2 push buttons and 1 adjustment dial (Lightwheel®)
Ingress protection: IP 20 / DIN EN 60529
Protection class: I
Ambient temperature: 0 … 40 °C
Pollution degree: 2
Dimensions: 110 x 166 x 47 mm


Spare fuses FlowSol<sup>®</sup> E

Spare fuses FlowSol® E

Bag with fuses 3 x T16A, 3 x F5A, 3 x T2A



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