DHW exchange controllers

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DeltaSol Fresh<sup>®</sup>

DeltaSol Fresh®

– For manufacturers of DWH exchange modules –
RESOL offers a range of solutions for the control of DHW exchange modules. The new controller platform is equipped with an enhanced and faster control algorithm and enables the precise and energy-effi cient control of the draw-off temperature. In order to achieve the best possible control quality, our laboratories run a number of dimensioning tests and check measurements. Classification of control quality is conducted on the basis of research results of the Rapperswil Institute for Solar Technology and the Institute for Solar Energy Research in Hamelin (ISFH).

DHW exchange controller platform
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  • Constantly high control quality by adaptation to the end user system by means of self-learning neural networks
  • Customised control for systems with or without circulation
  • Flexible circulation function for different user profi les, also available with thermal disinfection
  • Reliable DHW heating even in the case of a fault condition
  • Control of PWM and LIN bus pumps
  • Adaptable to many commonly used flow rate sensors
  • Commissioning menu for easy confi guration
  • Clear system graphic in the status menu
  • Cascades of up to 6 DHW exchange controllers or stations
Inputs: 6 Pt1000 temperature sensors,1 flow rate sensor (0-500 Hz interface or Grundfos Direct Sensor™ analogue (depending on the product version))
Outputs: 3 semiconductor relays, 2 PWM outputs, 1 potential-free extra-low voltage relay
PWM frequency: 512 Hz
PWM voltage: 11 VDC
Switching capacity: 1 (1) A 240 V~ (semiconductor relay)
1 (1) A 30 V = (potential-free relay)
Total switching capacity: 4 A 240 V~
Power supply: 100 – 240 V~ (50 – 60 Hz)
Supply connection: type X attachment
Standby: 0.97 W
Mode of operation: type 1.B.C.Y
Rated impulse voltage: 2,5 kV
Data interface: RESOL VBus®, cascade bus, LIN bus interface, MicroSD card slot
VBus® current supply: 60 mA
Housing: plastic, PC-ABS and PMMA
Mounting: wall mounting, mounting into patch panels is possible
Indication/Display: full graphic display, operating control LED (Lightwheel®)
Operation: 4 buttons, 1 adjustment dial (Lightwheel®)
Ingress protection: IP 20 / DIN EN 60529
Protection class: I
Ambient temperature: 0 ... 40 °C
Pollution degree: 2
Dimensions: 110 x 166 x 47 mm
Maximum altitude: 2000 m above MSL
Fuse: T4A


KM2 Communication module

KM2 Communication module

Communication module incl. network cable and mains adapter, VBus® cable pre-connected

VBus<sup>®</sup>/USB interface adapter

VBus®/USB interface adapter

PC-connection set for RESOL controller with VBus®, with software RSC

VBus<sup>®</sup>/LAN interface adapter

VBus®/LAN interface adapter

Network connection set for RESOL controllers with VBus® incl. RESOL ServiceCenter Software

AM1 Alarm module

AM1 Alarm module

Alarm module for signalling system failures



The Internet portal for easy and secure access to your system data

Grundfos Direct Sensors™ (Solar/DHW)

Grundfos Direct Sensors™ (Solar/DHW)

VFS 1-12 l Grundfos Direct Sensor™
Analogue sensor incl. fitting, insert and connection cable




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