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TT1 Thermostat controller

TT1 Thermostat controller

The RESOL thermostat compares the temperature measured by a sensor with the preadjusted switch-on temperature. If this temperature falls below the adjusted switch on value (heating operation) the relay switches on. If the temperature is exceeded, the relay switches off. Depending on the adjustment of the switch-on and switch-off temperature, the controller operates in heating or cooling operation. Depending on the application area, all Pt1000 temperature sensors from our product range can be used. Electronic temperature controller (thermostat) with combined LC display for indication of the actual temperature and adjustment parameters (menu-driven). One temperature sensor from our product range is required.

Thermostat controller
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Inputs: 1 temperature sensor Pt1000
Outputs: 1 potential-free changeover relay
Switching capacity:
4 (2) A 240 V~ (electromechanical relay)
4 (2) A 24 V DC (electromechanical relay)
Power supply: 220 ... 240 V~
Housing: plastic, PC-ABS and PMMA
Mounting: wall mounting, mounting into patch panels is also possible
Indication/Display: LC display, multi-functional combined display with pictograms, two 2-digit text fields and two 4-digit 7-segment displays as well as one bicoloured LED
Operation: by 3 pushbuttons at the front of the housing
Ingress protection: IP 20 / IEC 60529
Ambient temperature: 0 ... 40 °C
Dimensions: 172 x 110 x 49 mm
Adjustment range: -20 ... +150 °C
TT1 Thermostat controller incl. 1 sensor Pt1000 (FRP6)

TT1 Thermostat controller - Full kit

TT1 Thermostat controller incl. 1 sensor Pt1000 (FRP6)
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