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Flow switch

Flow switch

The FS07/FS08 Flow switch is used for flow detection and incorporates a reed-contact, which will be closed as soon as the flow rate is larger than 1 litre/min.

Suitable for vertical installation only. Please pay attention to the flow direction indicated on the housing!

FS07 Flow switch (230 V~ version; not for EC1)
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Switching capacity: 250 V AC / 3 A (FS07) 300 V DC / 1 A (FS08)
Maximum pressure: 10 bar
Housing: brass
Dimensions: 102 mm x 36 mm
Switching point: 1 l / min
Connections: oben IG 22 mm flachdichtend
unten AG ¾"
upper connection thread: IT¾“
lower connection thread: ET ¾“, flat sealing
Temperature range: -30 °C ... 100 °C
FS08 Flow switch

Flow switch

FS08 Flow switch
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