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The WMZ-G1 is a measurement and display unit for solar thermal systems and conventional heating systems. It is possible to connect up to two Grundfos Direct Sensors™, which measure the temperature as well as one additional value - depending on the type: flow rate, relative or differential pressure. If at least one of the sensors measures the flow rate, the heat quantity can be calculated. the WMZ-G1 also monitors the operating status of the system and displays deviations.

Calorimeter module for Grundfos Direct Sensors™
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  • Recording of:
  • flow temperature, return temperature, power, heat quantity, flow rate, pressure, differential pressure, system errors
  • Easy connection
  • Dot matrix display
  • Function control
  • Configurable control parameters
Inputs: 2 Grundfos Direct Sensors™ VFS, RPS oder DPS
Power supply: 220 ... 240 V~
Power consumption: approx. 2 VA
Data interface: RESOL VBus®
Housing: plastic, PC ABS and PMMA
Dimensions: 172 x 110 x 49 mm
Indication/Display: graphic display as well as bi-coloured LED
Operation: 3 push buttons
Ingress protection: IP 20 / IEC 60529
Ambient temperature: 0 ... 40 °C
Measuring range: -30 ... +150 °C
Length: 110 mm (VFS)
Connection thread: 3/4" ET (VFS), 1/2" ET (RPS)
Depth of thread engagement: 12 mm (RPS)
Material: stainless steel
Maximum operation temperature:
Long-term: 100 °C
Short-term: 120 °C


Grundfos Direct Sensors™ (Solar/DHW)

Grundfos Direct Sensors™ (Solar/DHW)

VFS 1-12 l Grundfos Direct Sensor™
Analogue sensor incl. fitting, insert and connection cable



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