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AM1 Alarm module

AM1 Alarm module

The Alarm module AM1 is designed to signal system failures. It is to be connected to the VBus® of the controller and issues an optical signal via the red LED if a failure has occurred. The AM1 also has a potential-free relay output, which can e. g. be connected to a building management system (BMS). So that a collective error message can be issued in the case of a system failure. Thus, the reliability and the stable yield of the system are ensured.

Alarm module for signalling system failures
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  • Reliable failure signal by LED
  • Connection to a building management system (BMS) possible
  • Supply and control via RESOL VBus®
Outputs: 1 potential-free relay
Switching capacity: max. 30 V (DC), 1A; 125 V~ (AC), 0.5 A
Power supply: RESOL VBus®
Data interface: RESOL VBus®
Housing: plastic; base part: Karilen E 42 D - H201
Mounting: wall mounting
Indication/Display: 1 LED
Ingress protection: IP 54
Ambient temperature: -25 ... +70 °C
Dimensions: 111 x 68 x 40 mm




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