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DL2 Datalogger

DL2 Datalogger

Remote access to the controller and integrated data logging
The DL2 Datalogger is the interface between a RESOL controller and the Internet and additionally permits logging of system data. The DL2 enables the access to the system data via

Datalogger incl. RESOL Service CD, SD card and LAN cable, mains adapter and VBus® cable pre-connected
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  • Remote access to the system via the visualisation portal
  • Comfortable system parameterisation via the RESOL RPT Parameterisation Tool
  • Internal memory for datalogging
  • Data transfer via SD card
  • Firmware updates via Internet or SD card
  • Suitable for all RESOL controllers with VBus®
Power supply:
Mains adapter: 100 – 240 V~ 1A / 5 V ⎓, 2.1 A (Level 6)
Datalogger: 5 V ⎓ ± 5 %, 350 mA
Electrical energy source: ES1 (EN 62368-1)
Electrical power source: PS1 (EN 62368-1)
Thermal energy source: TS1 (EN 62368-1)
Mechanical energy source: MS1 (EN 62368-1)
Data interface: VBus® for the connection to the controller, LAN, SD card slot
Housing: plastic, PC-ABS and PMMA
Mounting: wall mounting
Indication/Display: bar LED for monitoring the memory capacity, 1 illuminated pushbutton for indication of the SD card status
Ingress protection: IP 20 / IEC 60529
Protection class: III
Ambient temperature: 0 ... 40 °C
Dimensions: Ø 139 mm, depth 45 mm
Memory: 160 MB internal memory, with a logging interval of 5 min. sufficient for:
• 18 months for a system with one DeltaSol® MX, 3 EM, 3 heating circuits and 1 HQM
• 21 months for a system with one DeltaSol® MX, 1 EM and 1 heating circuit
• 30 months for a system with one DeltaSol® MX
Maximum altitude: 2000 m above MSL




SD-card with 16 GB memory capacity




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